Respect for nature and tradition.

Family brewery

The foundation on which we brew.

Family brewery for over 100 years

"Kuchlbauer” possesses one of the oldest official brewing rights in the world. In the 1300’s, the former brewery in Abensberg obtained official brewing rights from the local count. Our family acquired the brewery and the restaurant “Zum Kuchlbauer” in 1904. The brewery’s name goes back as far as 1751. The owner of the property, which was named “Kuchlpauer”, supplied provisions for the bishop of Regensburg.

More than 100 years ago, the “Kuchlbauer” property included a farm, hotel and restaurant. To this day, hospitality is still at the heart of the matter. Now in the 9th generation, the family brewery is in good hands.

Deep roots in an extraordinary region

It is not a coincidence that a brewery was founded in Abensberg as early as the 1300’s. Our city is not only considered the “northern-most gate to the Hallertau”, home of the world renowned Hallertau hops, but is also centrally located in the agricultural regions of the Bavarian Jura and the Gäuboden. These regions are the perfect source for the highest quality barley and excellent wheat. With great respect for our environment, we have created six unique wheat beers according to traditional recipes using these valuable resources from our surrounding agricultural regions.

“We are responsible for ensuring sustainability for the community and the region.”

(Jacob Horsch, 9th generation brewer)

We believe that sustainability is fundamental to the survival of a family business. In order to be able to pass on our business to future generations, we plan and act for the long-term and in line with our mission statement: sustainability in every department of our company. In order for this guiding principle to become more actively practiced, we constantly evaluate the need for optimization and, in our commitment to our large brewery family, initiate changes.

Social commitment to our company employees

As a craftsman and visitor brewery with more than 70 full-time employees, we provide more job security than industrial breweries, which are strongly oriented towards corporate profit. We are specifically interested in potential employees from our region and invest in the training of young people just out of school. People with disabilities also find a home in our brewery. We acknowledge the contribution our employees make to the success of Kuchlbauer by offering above-average pay and a respectful environment.

Local commitment to our region

Kuchlbauer thrives because of the region and wants to give the region something back in return. A multitude of visitors come to Abensberg annually to visit our brewery, the Kuchlbauer Tower and KunstHausAbensberg. This strengthens the tourism industry and businesses in the area.

We maintain long-term partnerships with craftsmen and service-providers in Abensberg. We give special attention to ensuring short travel distances, especially when purchasing goods. As much as possible is purchased locally in Bavaria and the surrounding area.

We have reached a very important milestone in 2018. We have secured a commitment from five conventional, organic regional farmers for the future production of resources such as barley. These resources will be produced exclusively for Kuchlbauer in exchange for a fair price. Our goal is to further expand this network in the coming years.

Commitment to nature and the environment

It is no secret that a brewery uses a lot of electricity. However, we can cover our electrical energy needs on our own. In 2018, we generated a total of 1,239,000 kWh of electricity from our own solar energy panels which we did not utilize and therefore, fed back to the grid as a surplus.

A modern fleet of vehicles is just as much a matter of course for us as state-of-the-art, energy-saving plant technology. Our long-time employees supply our regional customers directly via short transportation routes.

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