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The Kuchlbauer Tower

A Hundertwasser architectural project.

The Kuchlbauer Tower

The Kuchlbauer Tower is the trademark of Kuchlbauer’s World of Beer. The Kuchlbauer Tower is an architectural project from the world-renowned artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It was planned, revised and carried out by the architect Peter Pelikan.

In 1999, Hundertwasser designed a 70-meter high tower for the then owner and general manager of the brewery, Leonhard Salleck. The tower could not be built in these dimensions. However, following Hundertwasser’s death, the design served as the inspiration needed for his life-long friend and colleague, Peter Pelikan to independently adapt and revise the Tower that now stands (2007 – 2010).

Pleasant circular forms, windows that feel like they are dancing, uneven floors and organic lines, onion domes and tree tenants – these typical elements are in sync with nature and define Hundertwasser’s humane construction. Additionally, the interior and exterior of the Kuchlbauer Tower pay homage to the culture of beer brewing in Bavaria.

Fundamental concept of the Tower

The Kuchlbauer Tower should serve as a gift of beautiful artwork for the people, but most of all for people of Abensberg, and the regions of Kelheim and the Hallertau. It is also meant to serve as an “Art and Beer Tower” for all of Bavaria. Thanks to its extra-special appeal, the Tower is a magnet for visitors and also supports Abensberg’s appeal as well as the tourism industry in the surrounding area. The Tower even has an educational impact. Hundertwasser’s design can inspire people, especially children to become more creative and to be beautiful in all aspects of life.

Symbolic meaning of the Tower

The Kuchlbauer Tower is dedicated to Bavarian beer and Bavarian beer brewing. It symbolizes beer in all aspects and the art of brewing that has been maintained since time immemorial.

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