Wheat beer specialists with conviction.

Our Wheat Beers

9 generations of family tradition.

“Beer is pure satisfaction that cannot be manufactured, but rather develops over time.”

(Michael Salleck, 6th Generation Brewer)

Craftmanship, gentle production and the highest quality regional resources − With this special “mix”, Michael Salleck laid the solid foundation for our special wheat beer varieties.

The carefully considered Kuchlbauer Wheat Beer recipes are brewed according to this motto, with our unwavering commitment to brewing tradition. They develop their unique aroma in part because our wheat beer is allowed to age over the necessary time.

“Specialists provide that something extraordinary.”

(Leonhard Salleck, 8th Generation Brewer)

Those in search of the extraordinary turn to specialists – and we always want to be extraordinary!

That is why we have specialized in the production of wheat beers with strong character. Our wheat beer is produced in copper kettles, one brew at a time, and strictly according to the Bavarian Beer Purity Law.

They get their unique flavor from our very own yeast strains, our private well water and the famous Hallertau hops.

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